How Muslim Families Can Navigate Pride Month

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Islam recognizes the individual rights of every Muslim and gives high regard to the preservation of one’s dignity. That’s a fact that cannot be disregarded. But for a long time now, the Muslim community has tiptoed around the topic of homosexuality. The materials available are either outdated or too generic which results in further confusion and misinterpretation. Is homosexuality a sin? Is it an act against one’s faith? How do Muslim parents teach their kids about these various identities if they, themselves, are conflicted in their understanding of homosexuality in the Islamic context? We are joined by Br. Mobeen Vaid, a Muslim public intellectual and writer whose current focus revolves around the modern concept of gender identity and Islamic sexual norms. He shares valuable insights from his research explaining sexual identity and homosexuality from an Islamic perspective. He defines the boundaries of what is morally sinful based from the words of Allah and provides an insight into how we should face the issue as Muslims.

“Our sympathy and support should be in trying to help them live upright and moral lives, not in trying to legitimate actions that are displeasing to Allah”

-Br. Mobeen Vaid

In this Episode:

  • Br. Vaid shares what motivated him to tackle a topic that is considered a “taboo” in the Muslim community
  • Hear what the Quran and Sunnah have to say about this topic and why there’s conflict and confusion among the people
  • Realize where our Muslim high schoolers and college students feel conflicted about this topic and how we, as parents, can help sort out the conflict 
  • Learn terminologies and definitions to help iron out the problem with the different categories and labels that are being taken out of context
  • As Muslims, it is important to realize what counts as sinful and what falls under the things we cannot be held responsible for
  • What Muslims are encouraged to do when they engage in sinful acts
  • Remember the source of our true identity and whose definition of our identity governs all other aspects of our lives 
  • Create a distinction between the identity and the sin
  • A person’s sins are not the deciding factor for being a Muslim or for denouncing an individual from his faith
  • Gain a clearer understanding of a homosexual’s emotional conditioning from  a physiological and psychological standpoint, especially in the context of sexual attraction
  • Discover the reasons we live in this world and what our purpose is in life
  • Recognize that the Prophet (SAW) and Allah (SWT) consider Zina and adultery as haram in the same way that homosexual acts are also haram in the way they undermine the institution of family 
  • In as much as sex does not exist in a vacuum, there are consequences that inadvertently follow in the practice of casual sex
  • Learn practical ways a Muslim should interact with a homosexual neighbor, peer, or a friend in school
  • Discover the proper medium through which Muslims can educate others about their stance on homosexuality and the importance of having a voice that knows how to speak up for the good and forbid evil

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