Jannah Jewels
Project Description

Are you looking for an exciting chapter book for your pre-teen that has both adventure and teaches Islamic History in a fun and engaging way? Check out the Jannah Jewels Chapter Book series! These books draw attention to major achievements in the Islamic Heritage all wrapped up in an engrossing, action-packed story that will inspire your children.

We have countless testimonials from parents from all around the world saying how the Jannah Jewels have played an important role in helping young boys and girls feel proud of their Muslim identity. Our readers see themselves in the story and easily relate to the Jannah Jewels characters, while at the same time learning valuable Islamic knowledge approved by Islamic scholars. The Jannah Jewels series is a 12 Chapter Book series created by Umm Nura / Naz (@jannahjewels & @learnlittlemuslims). And, our company proudly donates a portion of our sales to charity.