How Pornography Impacts Marriage

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Many people assume that pornography is not a serious concern among the Muslim community. In reality, youth and adults alike are faced with the struggle to overcome porn addiction. The Muslim community’s inattention and refusal to talk about pornography addiction, alongside the lack of relevant Islamic resources to understand and tackle the problem, inspired Br Zeyad to create Purify your Gaze. Purify Your Gaze is a global e-therapy platform that helped hundreds of thousands of Muslims around the world overcome pornography addiction.  In today’s episode, he shares his insights into the negative impacts of porn consumption and addiction on a marriage, and how Purify Your Gaze can help.

“It’s suicide on an installment plan- It leads to the same outcome, but it’s over time.”

                                                                    – Zeyad Ramadan

In this Episode:

  • Discover the global e-therapy platform that was designed to address pornography addiction and has been serving 450,000 Muslims around the globe 
  • The kind of harm pornography does to an individual, a family, and to the society
  • Shatter the misconception that just because pornography is utilized by a lone individual and kept in private, it won’t hurt anyone
  • Learn about the maladaptive coping mechanism people resort to under certain circumstances beyond their understanding
  • Newsflash: 84% of Muslims addicted to porn did not have an adult to talk to about pornography
  • Understand what draws people into porn addiction and why no one talks about it there are no conversation around it 
  • Determine how exposure and consumption  are different and what leads consumption to addiction 
  • Learn the impact of pornography addiction on a person’s mental, emotional, and psychological well-being
  • Understand why a married person is still prone to pornography addiction despite having the “outlet” for having relations
  • Uncover the impending damage pornography addiction can bring to a marriage, especially when the spouse learns about this addiction, and how it’s going to impact the intimate and sexual relations of a couple
  • Find out what the S.A.F.E. formula is about and how it draws the line between healthy and addictive sexuality
  • Realize how refusing to talk about pornography can lead to maladaptive behaviors
  • Learn about the 3 different areas where pornography impacts the quality of our lives
  • Discover different strategies to help overcome pornography addiction and the channels one can turn to for additional and/or professional help

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