Learn How To Be Humble With this Simple Islamic Kids Craft

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Learn How To Be Humble With this Simple Islamic Kids Craft

Children can learn to be humble with this simple Islamic kids craft. It teaches humility by investigating whether humans or Allah (SWT) are responsible for plant growth. Essentially, the activity provides an opportunity for children to understand how to be humbled before God.

In science, one of the first concepts kids learn is the basic need for survival. Remembering who we rely on can only improve our humbleness before Allah (SWT).

Water, soil, air, and sunlight are all essential resources for growing plants. When caring for a plant we may think that it is humbled before us to survive. But who is the One who created everything that plants needs to survive?

We would not have water without Allah (SWT), thus plants show humility before Allah (SWT) for survival. Humans also rely on water and food for survival, therefore we are humbled before Allah (SWT) to take care of us in a similar way. We are in constant need of His blessing as plants are of water, soil, air and sunlight.

This activity is a prelude to the story, “Down to Earth,” in our newest book, Not So Smartypants.


This activity is suitable for 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 year olds.


This Islamic activity should take 20-30 minutes.


  • Medium size bowl
  • Printer paper
  • Markers
  • Black pen
  • Ruler

Part One - Prepare Craft

1. Use a medium size bowl to trace a circle on the printer paper.

2. Draw one line to make a half then draw two more lines to make a pie chart.

3. Write in each section numbers one through six.

Teach your muslim kids humility with the plant life cycle

4. Number and label each section:

  • One – Humans Plant With Allah’s Creation
  • Two – Allah Provides
  • Three – Allah Provides
  • Four – Humans Water With
  • Five – Allah Provides
  • Six – Humans Grow With Allah’s Help

Note: Depending on age, this may be done by the adult or child.

Part Two - Introduce Craft to Your Child

1. Talk to your child about the plant cycle. Ask your child, “What do we put in the soil to grow into a plant?” Explain that all plants start with a seed and grow to be a plant.

2. Ask your child questions like: “Who created seeds?” “Who helps the seed grow?” “What do we need to help the seed grow?”

3. Tell your child that you need, water, soil, air, and sunlight to help plants grow.

4. Show your child the pie chart and guide them through each section (see sample above).

5. Give your child prompts for each section. For example, for section number one:

Question: “What did Allah create for humans to grow plants?”

Answer: Seeds.

6. Have children draw and/or write the answers for each prompt.

Part Three - Results

1. After you’ve completed the craft, go through each section and talk about how we’re humbled before Allah to for His help growing plants. Without His help, we would not have the sustenance of food, water, air and sunlight for survival.

2. Rereading Noor Kids Islamic kids book Not So Smartypants is a great way to reflect on this lesson. This gives your child a chance to compare the craft to what Noor Kids characters experienced concerning humility in the book.

3. Take a picture of your completed craft and share it with Noor Kids using the button below!

How did the activity go for you? Share your thoughts below in the comment section!

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