Learning the Spirit of Islamic Values with Islamic Children’s Books

Learning the Spirit of Islamic Values with Islamic Children's Books

My Introduction to Noor Kids' Islamic Children's Books

I can still remember when I first saw the Noor Kids booth years ago at a busy Islamic convention.

I was meandering aisle after aisle, marveling at the number of new organizations and businesses. All were sharing how they were trying to serve the Muslim community.

Years ago, the Muslim community in America was not as developed as it is now.

The availability of stylish Islamic garb or well-written English Islamic kids books was limited to a few simple choices. Those available, were also not always of the highest quality.

While there were many booths with clothes, Islamic children's books, and items for sale, what caught my eye was the Noor Kids booth. A large sign shared that it was endorsed by Harvard, NPR, BBC News, and others.

I am a convert to Islam, and before becoming a Muslim had experienced a highly sophisticated religious upbringing.


Sometimes, becoming Muslim made me feel like I had to part ways with that world in exchange for an often-underdeveloped Muslim community in America. It seemed that half-finished mosques, constant fundraising dinners, and even boring literature became part of what it meant to be Muslim.

I wondered how this experience would make my children feel about their faith.

Noor Kids Islamic Children's Books Stand Apart

The Noor Kids booth caught my eye not only because of its endorsements, but because after just a brief chat with its founders, I could tell that they had put their hearts and souls into the books. I took one look at the books on the table and knew they were for me and my kids. The high-quality animation and cool comic-book format is something I knew would click with my sons (ages 5 and 8).

We have been Noor Kids subscribers for many, many months now.

Noor Kids View Free Sample Islamic Children's Books

Through Noor Kids' Islamic children's books, my kids have learned not only facts about Islam – they have learned the spirit of Islamic values in a way that makes them feel like it is okay, cool, and wonderful to be a Muslim!


"[My kids] have learned the spirit of Islamic values in a way that makes them feel like it is okay, cool, and wonderful to be a Muslim!" - Kelly El-Yacoubi

As a parent, this is priceless.

My children attend public school. They are constantly bombarded by societal influences that offer them chances to question their Islamic identity. In this sense, Noor Kids really is, to our family, “a light for little Muslims.”

One of our favorite books is Family Matters which features Muslim characters playing baseball. We are huge baseball fans (Go Rockies!) and both my sons play baseball almost daily, so this book really hit home.

Noor Kids Family Matters Islamic Children's Book

My younger son also definitely appreciates the Animals of Allah title which is a perfect Islamic children's book for preschoolers or even older kids that are into animals.

Noor Kids Animals of Allah Islamic Children's Book

One of my sons’ favorite part about Noor Kids is that they never know what the next month’s Muslim children's book is going be about. It is a constant surprise for them.

Teaching Islamic Values in a Fun and Engaging Way

For me, as a parent, I know that I can always expect next month’s Islamic kid's book to teach my child Islamic values in a fun way. Most importantly, the book creates an occasion for us to come together on the couch and take some time to appreciate God and being Muslim.

I'm very grateful to have discovered Noor Kids.

Noor Kids is an essential part of how I make my children’s “Muslim childhood” high-quality, substantive.

Noor Kids also ensures our lives are full of those cozy, memorable moments where we read the Islamic children's books together on the couch and remember Allah.

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