Janet Kozak

Janet Kozak, Community Manager

Janet Kozak is a multi-passionate artist, content strategist, digital marketer, and the founder of JanetKozak.com. As a freelance journalist, her work has been featured in SISTERS Magazine, Productive Muslim, Muslim Matters, About Islam, ISNA’s Islamic Horizons, and dozens of other print and online publications. She’s also been interviewed for publications like The Huffington Post, Glassdoor, and NBC News. Janet is the founder of Resoulute Muslim, a platform for passionate Muslim freelancers and entrepreneurs who put their heart and soul in their work. Additionally, she recently launched a fast-track Business Content Strategy Course for busy bloggers and entrepreneurs who want to make their businesses more profitable and sustainable. In her “spare” time, Janet also manages online support groups for both aspiring novelists and women surviving abusive relationships.