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In today’s modern world, our days are incredibly busy. Maybe even chaotic. Between attending to the children, schoolwork, working from home, schooling from home, maintaining the household, connecting with family – and everything in between – the burnout is inevitable. Oftentimes, taking care of yourself is a distant afterthought. But how do we find the power in parenthood if our power reserve is running on empty? Did you know that Islam emphasizes the importance of self-care?  What can parents do to realize the importance of self-care in our everyday life? How does Islam promote self-care? We are joined by Dr. Abdallah Rothman. He heads the Muslim College at the University of Cambridge in the U.K. He is also the founder of Shifa Counseling – a practice that works on the intersection of Islamic spirituality and mental health.


“Self-care allows us to have more capacity and become the best version of ourselves”
– Dr. Abdallah Rothman


In this Episode:

  • Find out how to tap into this “energy” that comes from Allah, through the notion of barakah, so you can have the strength to fulfill your responsibilities while reaching for your maximum potential.
  • Understand how prioritizing things that are aligning you with Allah’s resources allows you the opportunity to accomplish more things. Get inspiration from Prophet Mohammad PBUH to guide you in the practice of self-care.
  • Take the journey towards enlightenment and being centered through the practice of muhasabah and muraqabah, and understand how these practices support the Islamic perspective of self-care.
  • Daily practices and activities you can do to cultivate a state of Islam, a prerequisite in achieving the state of presence, which nourishes the spirit and the bigger notion of the self that is connected to Allah.
  • Learn how to “no-thyself” to “know thyself” and why it’s a must to exercise muraqabah when you wish to tap the notions of the self that nurtures the spirit.


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