How to Teach Muslim Kids Humility with the Prophet’s Life

How to Teach Muslim Kids Humility with the Prophet’s Life

To teach Muslim kids humility (and adults too!) the Islamic virtue of humility needs to be conveyed in a tangible, human way. This is why Allah sent the Prophet Muhammad (SAAWS): to teach us the best character.

The Prophet Muhammad embodied every beautiful virtue in the most beautiful way. His life is full of stories that teach Muslim kids humility and other key Islamic values. 

Below are three mini-stories about humbleness from the Prophet’s life you can use to teach Muslim kids humility.

Each story gives you the words to read the story with your Muslim child. As a bonus, each story has a couple of follow-up questions you can ask your Muslim child to foster further inquiry-based learning!

Try sharing these at bedtime! 

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Story 1 - The Prophet and The Bedouin

Moral: We should show humility even when others don’t ‘deserve’ it

Once when the Prophet was travelling with his friends, an uneducated man from the desert known as a Bedouin came up to him.

The man was rude and selfish. He grabbed the collar of the Prophet’s clothes so hard that it left a rough, red mark on his soft neck. As he yanked the Prophet’s collar, the Bedouin demanded, “O Muhammad, give me some of what God has given you!”

What did the Prophet do? The Prophet did not get mad. He did not yell or push the man. He did not brag about how much more he had. Instead, he smiled kindly and told his friends to give the man a lot of wealth. 

This is because the Prophet was such a humble man.

How to Teach Muslim Kids Humility discussion questions

Story 2 - The Prophet Chooses a Straw Mat Bed

Moral: Choosing Less Can Be Beautiful

Once the Prophet was resting in his house in Medina, lying on a straw mat. The mat was scratchy and not very soft or fancy. In fact, it was so scratchy that it left little marks where it had pressed on the side of the Prophet’s body.

The companion ‘Umar walked in. ‘Umar was one of the Prophet’s closest friends. When he saw the Prophet lying on such an uncomfortable mattress, he felt so sad that he started to cry.

‘Umar said, “O Messenger of Allah, how can we let you live like this? Kings live better than this. You deserve better.” 

‘Umar thought the Prophet deserved better since he was God’s Messenger.

The Prophet was so humble, so he simply replied that while some people get many things in this world, he was happy that God had promised him the best in the next life to come.

How to Teach Muslim Kids Humility discussion questions

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Story 3 - The Prophet and His Daughter

Moral: Humble People Never Act Better than Anyone

The Prophet Muhammad was such a good father. He was so humble that he did not think he was better than anyone; not even his children!

In fact, he used to do something very special and humble whenever his daughter Fatima came to visit him because he loved her so much.

Whenever she would enter his house, he would stand up, go to her with a big smile, and kiss her kindly on the forehead. 

Then, do you know what he would do next? 

He would take her hand and guide her to the seat that he had just been sitting in. He wanted her to sit in the same seat!

This shows how humble and kind he was all the time, as a Prophet and as a dad.

How to Teach Muslim Kids Humility discussion questions

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