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Anam Mansoor

Anam Mansoor is the author of several self-help books for Muslims as well as literature study guides for Supersummary. She also ran a successful blog, The Writer's Manual, for 3 years. Anam is trained in both the classical Islamic sciences and holds a Hifz Ijazah in the Hafs recitation. She earned a B.A. in English and an M.Ed. in Social and Philosophical Foundations of Education from Rutgers University.

A young Muslim woman holds up her hand while reciting a dua for protection.

Powerful Dua for Protection: Ayatul Kursi and the 3 Quls

The best defense we have against all harm is our faith in Allah (SWT) and turning to Him for support, which is why it is so important to make dua for protection. We can...
A Muslim holds up their hands above an open Qur'an while holding a tasbih, making beautiful duas.

Beautiful Duas for Safety, Protection, and Times of Difficulty to Teach Your Children 

Of the many ways in such Allah (SWT) has ordained for us to call upon him and seek His help is the recitation of duas, or supplications. While some beautiful duas are to be...
A man holds his hands up in dua, smiling and looking up at the masjid of Rasulullah (S)

Love for Rasulullah: Teaching Kids About the Life of the Prophet Muhammad

Subscribe and Listen on:   The life of the Prophet (S), in his Seerah, or life story and Hadith, or teachings, is the second source after the Holy Qur’an from which we derive our...
A young Muslim boy wearing a thobe and kufi is doing Ramadan crafts on the floor, smiling up at the camera

Fun Ramadan Crafts to Build Anticipation for the Blessed Month! 

A lot of the youth of the Muslim Ummah are part of the “hype” generation; they love to build an exciting image before events and even getting others “hyped” in the process. So what...
Three Muslim women stand in a line, holding up their hands reciting the best duas for Laylatul Qadr

The Best Duas for Laylatul Qadr 

Laylatul Qadr is one of the most special nights of the year, as it is the night in which the Holy Qur’an was revealed and is described in the Qur’an as being “better than...
A young Muslim girl sits on the ground, seriously watching a Ramadan video for kids on a laptop.

Inspirational Ramadan Video for Kids

With the month of Ramadan fast approaching, it’s time for parents to start searching for ways to get children excited about the Blessed Month. Online resources like fun videos are often the best way...
A woman in a white burqa makes a last 10 days of Ramadan dua in a brightly lit hall with big windows along one wall.

A Beautiful Last 10 Days of Ramadan Dua

The last 10 days of Ramadan are the most special days of the year, and the best time to recite the last 10 days of Ramadan dua. Allah (SWT) revealed the Holy Qur’an to...
Four young Muslim boys lay in a circle on the carpet of a Masjid, smiling after learning Ramadan facts for kids.

10 Exciting Ramadan Facts for Kids

One of the ways we can get the next generation of Muslims about Ramadan is to teach Ramadan facts for kids. Young minds are insatiably curious, and the Blessed Month is the most special...
A Muslim man looks ahead making a niyyah, standing next to a brightly lit wall of windows.

The Power of Niyyah: Making the Intention to Become Your Best Self

Subscribe and Listen on:   We all have good days and bad days. But we rarely we define our days by the kind of niyyah, or intention, we start them off with.  A good...
A man is standing next to a bookshelf, reading in the shadows. Sending books to inmates about Islam helps spread the word of Allah (SWT).

Sending Books to Inmates about Islam: 3 Reasons Why It Matters

Subscribe and Listen on: How important is sending books to inmates in prison about Islam? The answer to this question lies in our very understanding of inmates and the time they spend in prisons....