How To Teach Your Kids The Quran


Learning the Quran is an incredible feat for children and adults, alike. It is an undeniable fact, however, that the earlier one begins to invest in reading and learning our Holy Book, the easier the journey through the Quran will become as an adult. But teaching our children to learn, appreciate and understand the Quran is a challenge that many face. How do I start? When do I start? How do we get children excited about the Quran? What about the language barrier? We are joined by Imam Wisam Sharief who is a specialist in teaching Quran recitation and retention to help guide us on how to teach our children the Quran. He is the founder and director of AQL (Advocating Quranic Lifestyle). He is also a Quran teacher, and the creator of Quran Revolution, an interactive program designed to teach the Quran to students of different levels.


Don’t rush into the Quran learning journey until you have built the WHY.

-Imam Wisam Sharieff


In this Episode:

  • Exploring Muslim parents’ struggles towards teaching their children the Quran.
  • Is there a right or wrong way of teaching the Quran to children? 
  • 2 premises need to be corrected in terms of determining the right time Muslims can begin the journey of learning the Quran.
  • The 3 progressive steps parents can take to start teaching the Quran to their kids.
  • What parents need to unpack before they can start learning the Quran together with their children.
  • Why the tools and resources available to learn the Quran cannot serve as a replacement for teachers.
  • The best way to answer when your child asks, “why do I need to learn the Quran?”
  • What Muslim parents need to build and establish before they can start the Quran learning journey with their children.
  • Learn the benefits of learning the Quran.
  • How does the consistent practice of reading the Quran enable you to get more out of life?
  • Why it’s a critical step to strip off your child’s logic prior to learning the Quran, and what you need to build in its place.
  • Understand why the Skype teacher you are paying will never suffice, and the value of parents being present in their children’s learning development.
  • To be your child’s Quran coach, what are the essential steps you need to take, and the kind of loads you need to unpack, to become effective as a coach.
  • Ideally, how many minutes of daily practice parents should commit to allocating out of their schedules to become better at learning the Quran.
  • Why do parents need to put the effort in determining the qualities of a Quran teacher they should be looking for.
  • Identify the qualities of a great Quran teacher and the unique characteristics of the best reciters
  • What associations you should build when teaching Quran to a child
  • Ideally, at what age a child can finish reading the Quran 
  • How does the learning progress of a 0-3-year-old differ from that of a 3-6-year-old in terms of reading the Quran?




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