Inspirational Ramadan Video for Kids

A young Muslim girl sits on the ground, seriously watching a Ramadan video for kids on a laptop.

With the month of Ramadan fast approaching, it’s time for parents to start searching for ways to get children excited about the Blessed Month. Online resources like fun videos are often the best way to engage our children and get them excited about any topic. And the most inspirational Ramadan video for kids can be found in Noor Kids’ Digital Ramadan Camp. 

Check out the playlist for our Digital Ramadan Camp from 2022 here:


Ramadan Stories about the Prophet (S)

Three young Muslim boys hang from a stick, each with both their hands, excited to watch a Ramadan video for kids.

Ramadan stories can get your child excited about Ramadan.

By way of creative activities throughout the Holy Month, we can encourage learning about Allah (SWT), the Qur’an, and stories about our beloved Prophet (S) and Islam. The best Ramadan stories are clear and practical, just like our daily classes at every year’s Digital Ramadan Camp, where your child can participate in an exciting Ramadan video for kids every day during the month of Ramadan!

As the rewards for our good deeds are multiplied during the month of Ramadan, the best habits we can instill in our children are spending our time in worship, reciting the Qur’an, and gaining knowledge about our beautiful Deen. In addition to our yearly Digital Ramadan Camp, our Stories of the Prophet (S) series are an excellent resource to teach your children about his (S) life. You can watch the series here:



3 Inspiring Ramadan Song Choices

3 young Muslim kids stand in a row behind a picketed fence, smiling in excitement to hear a Ramadan song.

A Ramadan song can be any nasheed that inspires a love for the blessed month.

Young children often love singing nasheeds, or Islamic songs, when learning about various topics about the Deen. A Ramadan song is a great opportunity for them to gain familiarity with the rituals and spirit of the Holy Month. 

With deep and meaningful lyrics and the melodious voice of a nasheed artist, such songs will resonate immediately with your children. I can speak from experience, as I often sang nasheeds from the most popular nasheed artists when I was a young child. 

Below are the best Ramadan video for kids in the form of beautiful Ramadan songs for your child to listen to:


“Ramadan Moon” by Yusuf Islam

One of the most popular Ramadan videos is Yusuf Islam’s nasheed called “Ramadan Moon,” a colorful and engaging animated video that accompanies the voice of one of the greatest singer-songwriters ever. In addition, kids can identify and sing along with the voices of the many children singing the lyrical nasheed. 

You can listen to “Ramadan Moon” by Yusuf Islam here:


“Ramadan Song with Zaky” by Subhi Alshaik

Many young Muslim children are familiar with Zaky, a friendly, animated purple bear who tells stories and sings nasheeds about Islam. His videos adopt an approach similar to that of our character-building program in that it looks to make Islamic learning fun, making it another excellent source of Ramadan stories. His “Ramadan Song” is the perfect child-friendly, animated, and lyrical song to teach your children about Ramadan. 

You can listen to “Ramadan Song with Zaky” by Subhi Alshaik here:


“Ramadan” by Maher Zain

One of the most melodic Ramadan songs is by none other than Maher Zain. He is one of the most popular nasheed artists of our time, and his beautiful voice and meaningful lyrics make for enjoyable listening. 

You can listen to “Ramadan” by Maher Zain here



The Many Kinds of Ramadan Video for Kids

A young Muslim girl sits at a computer, smiling as she watches a Ramadan video for kids.

There are many kinds of Ramadan video for kids you can choose from to inspire your child to love Ramadan.

There is now a wide variety of Ramadan video for kids available thanks to the ever-growing population of Muslims around the world and the ever-increasing demand for online resources in a digital world. 

Some such videos function as classes related to the holy month that teach children about Ramadan and get them excited about participating in its festivities and rituals. Other Ramadan videos come in the form of stories for your children that encourage them to seek Islamic knowledge and earn rewards during Ramadan. 

Another form of educational content about Ramadan comes in the form of nasheeds or songs that can bring great pleasure and engage your children more actively in learning about, loving, and anticipating this coming Ramadan. 

What is your favorite kind of Ramadan video for kids and why? Comment below!


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