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A Muslim family of four plays together to make Islam for kids fun, the mother and baby smiling at the camera holding toys.

One of the challenges we face as Muslim parents is finding a way to make learning Islam fun for our kids. Back in the day, it was nearly impossible to find any Islamic resources. We had to get creative and invent our own games in-house or relied on our Islamic schools and weekend programs to provide fun Islamic games and activities.  But today, there are many resources available that cater to learning Islam for kids.

Alhamdulillah, a wide variety of online Islamic games and phone apps have been released in recent years. And for parents who prefer screenless options, a number of Islamic publishing companies have even created fun, educational, and engaging Islamic board games. 

Below you’ll find some of our favorite Islamic games for kids, both online and offline!


The Best Apps and Online Islamic Games for Kids

A Muslim mother and her daughter and son hold up a tablet, smiling as they play online Islamic games for kids.

There is a growing variety of exciting Islamic games for kids online!


Below is a list of some of the best apps and online Islamic games for kids:

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Our very own Noor Kids app allows students to access Khutbahs for Kids as part of a live, interactive community. This app is a great Islam for kids  resource if your child enjoy participating in our weekly Khutbah for Kids, which are composed of engaging storytelling, labs, crafts, baking, challenges, storytime, interviews with special guests, discussions with kids, and much, much more! 

Ali and Sumaya: School - Apps on Google Play

This app, featuring the popular Islamic characters Ali and Sumaya, is an online Islamic school with recorded classes, practice exercises, and quizzes to test your knowledge!

Omar & Hana - Apps on Google Play

The Omar and Hana app features clips from their episodes, songs, interactive storybooks, and games that kids can play with Omar and Hana.


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This fun brain game helps young Muslims and adults alike to test their Islamic knowledge at multiple levels as they try to beat the clock! Answering questions correctly earns you points, with bonus points for answering quickly.


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With over 10,000 Islamic questions and answers, this app features different categories and difficulties in testing your Islamic knowledge. When you earn more points, you can rise up the Leaderboard and earn power-ups to help answer questions as you play!

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One of the first of its kind, this virtual reality simulator helps players complete Ramadan and Eid tasks such as waking your family for suhoor, preparing Iftar, going to the Masjid for Salah, and helping the needy. The choices are up to you as you play the role of a Muslim family this Ramadan!

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Sometimes called a Netflix for Muslims, this app has the largest collection of Islamic videos, games, and eBooks–over 15,000 items overall! You can use the service as a mobile application, as a smart TV app, and even on the web! You can sign up and check it out online here


Looking for a Screenless Muslim Kids Game

A group of Muslim children hold hands in a circle outside, playing a Muslim kids game.

There are many kinds of Muslim kids games that your child can play that don’t include screens!

While we all know our kids love screen time and online games, it’s always great to find a Muslim kids game that can be played without screens. Board games are engaging and educational and won’t hurt children’s eyesight or add to their already excessive time on screens. 


Here are some of our favorite Islamic board games that make learning Islam for kids fun! Many of these Islamic board games were created by none other than Saniyasnain Khan of Goodword Books, an author of more than 100 reputable Islamic children’s books. 

Quran Challenge Game

This provides creative and fun questions taken from the Quran. Playing this board game undoubtedly makes learning about the Holy Quran fun! You can find it on Amazon here.


Five Pillars Games

This board game is an excellent source to practice and test your basic Islamic knowledge, specifically about the five pillars of Islam! Packed with over 100 cards of fun facts, teachings, and activities, it serves as an excellent way to sharpen your knowledge!


Surah al-Fatihah Flash Cards

The 38 beautifully crafted flash cards help kids learn about the true essence of Surah Fatihah! These cards feature vocabulary learning activities with picture learning association, interactive and engaging games, and exercise cards that call for using the imagination!

Quran Knowledge Game

The Quran Knowledge Game, notably different from the Quran Challenge Game, is highly engaging and exciting. Suitable for two to six players, this simple yet fast game requires players to guess answers to clues, earn points, and race to the finish line on the game board before their friends. 


Junior Quran Challenge Game

The Junior Quran Challenge Game is a version of the Quran Challenge Game made for younger kids. Just like the latter, it features thought-provoking questions from the Quran that mention stories, prophets, people, and places from its verses!


Hajj Fun Game

The Hajj Fun Game teaches kids all about Hajj, including its rituals, their meaning and significance, and the stories behind each historical location and event!


Madinah Salat Fun Game

This game makes it fun for kids to learn how to perform Salah. Kids learn not only the steps but also the forms, purpose, and significance of every aspect of Salah! You also learn about different kinds of prayers that we must perform on different occasions and how to perform them!


Hadith Challenge Game

Similar to the Quran Challenge Game, this game helps children learn about the life and teachings of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (S). One of the most engaging islamic games for kids, you can learn facts about his (S) life such as when he attained prophethood and his birthday


Salat Knowledge Game

The Salat Knowledge Game is modeled after the popular game Chutes and Ladders. You gain points and move ahead when you answer questions correctly, but have to take a ride down the slippery slide when you miss a prayer! This engaging board game is one of our favorite Islamic games to play at home when teaching your children about Salah!


Quran Explorer Game

The Quran Explorer Game teaches kids about the Quran in a unique way. This thought-provoking board game invites children to explore the world of the Quran in the historical locations of its stories, revelation, and more!


This fun Ramadan themed bingo features crescent-decorated markers, 18 unique card arrangements, and a beautiful Ramadan design! The Big Dot of Happiness store on Amazon also has many more Ramadan-themed activities including spot the difference cards and scratch-off games!


Make Learning Islam for Kids Fun!

A group of young Muslim girls wearing hijab are smiling after playing some fun Islam for kids games!

Learning Islam for kids doesn’t have to be boring- there are so many exciting new options out there!


We are blessed with an increasing variety of Islamic educational resources to help teach our children about their Deen, especially if we want to make Islam for kids fun and engaging. Whether it be through Noor Kids’ character-building program and storybooks, or cool games in the form of apps or board games, the options are growing day by day!

What is your child’s favorite Islamic app or online game? Do they have a favorite Islamic board game? Comment below!


Anam Mansoor

Anam Mansoor is the author of several self-help books for Muslims as well as literature study guides for Supersummary. She also ran a successful blog, The Writer's Manual, for 3 years. Anam is trained in both the classical Islamic sciences and holds a Hifz Ijazah in the Hafs recitation. She earned a B.A. in English and an M.Ed. in Social and Philosophical Foundations of Education from Rutgers University.

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