Islamic Teaching on Positive Parenting


Islam is a guidebook for our life – it gives us clear guidelines and wisdom on how to navigate life’s many, many components. Parenthood being one. At times parents can feel lost on how to navigate this journey – after all we all want the same thing: to be the best parents to our children. Throughout history, Islam has examples of parenting models and virtues that parents can look to to truly be the best mothers and fathers in Allah’s eyes. We are joined by Gulnaz Ahsan, who will discuss the Islamic guidance on parenthood and how we can draw from examples of our beloved prophets to model positive parenting.. to help parents, like myself, learn how we can be better parents to our children. She is the founder and editor-in-chief of the Halal Parenting Magazine and a certified Positive Discipline Parent Educator. With her guidance, she shares how to navigate the journey towards positive parenting using examples from Islamic teachings.


If you ever feel that you have to say no, you have to be prepared to explain your reasoning why.

– Gulnaz Ahsan


In this Episode:

  • The ways by which the role of parenthood from the Islamic view leads to the idea of positive discipline. 
  • A better way to raise kids that is not mentally and emotionally painful both for kids and parents.
  • What Islam asks us to do in terms of raising children. 
  • How Prophet Mohammed (PBUH)’s method of raising his children resembled the teaching of positive discipline. 
  • What permissive parenting looks like and the troubles that come with this type of parenting. 
  • Why permissive parenting is an act of disrespect to yourself as a parent.
  • How extrinsic motivations negatively impact children when they grow older.
  • The short-term and long-term results of authoritative parenting, and how it impacts your long-term relationship with your child.
  • How to teach children to be receptive to learning what you want to teach them.
  • How to effectively express love and issue guidance, especially when you’re “in the moment”. 
  • What you need to understand about the practice of connection before correction which makes children more open and receptive to doing the right thing.
  • What firmness and kindness looks like. 
  • Effective way to dissolve power struggles between parents and their children
  • How children’s brains react when they are issued a command versus being asked a question, one of which elicits more cooperation.
  • The key when it comes to managing emotions which can lead parents to a better place in terms of helping and guiding their children.
  • How parents can model to their kids how to calm down in a healthy way.
  • Learn the importance of being specific especially when you are giving praise to your children.
  • Techniques to build a positive atmosphere in the household.
  • Why parents need to be in alignment and agreement when it comes to how they’re parenting their children.
  • How the wives of our beloved Prophet (PBUH) Khadijah and Aisha, reflected the understanding that parenting is a partnership, an equal responsibility by both parents to their kids.


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