Managing Mental Health in a Pandemic


The pandemic has unleashed a world many find challenging and daunting. Isolation and the drastic change of life, routine, finances, etc have caused mental health rates to increase worldwide. Marriages are also seeing a deep impact due to the crushing pandemic. We are joined by psychologist Dr. Sarah Syed from the Khalil Center. She will share some useful strategies and best practices to better identify and manage our mental health challenges to ensure we are coping personally and within our family structure.


“Telling someone with anxiety to shake it off is like telling someone with diabetes to shake it off. You can’t. If you could, you would have.”

Sarah Syed


 In this Episode:

  • Learn how Covid has impacted the lives of parents, spouses, and children, and the various coping mechanisms that are keeping their sanities intact.
  • Is anxiety real? Can you shake it off or ask it to leave for another day? Get the hard facts today!
  • Understand the psychology behind sweet cravings and the top 6 manifestations of stress and anxiety, and how acknowledging your negative emotions help in managing them.
  • 4 over-the-counter solutions you can work on ASAP to manage the initial and progressive levels of stress before it takes a toll on you and drains you.
  • How to strip off the guilt over having a lingering feeling of anxiety without doubting your Imaan, and accept the reality that it’s okay to not be okay.
  • Keys to strengthening your relationship with your spouse, with your children, with your parents, friends, and colleagues.
  • Best practices for better communication with your spouse and how to build spousal intimacy which is essential in fulfilling the physical and emotional needs of an individual.
  • Why children need to be exposed to a positive parent relationship and witness real-life examples of “fighting fair”.
  • Find out how your lineage and genetics are influential to your physical and mental health. What types of diseases Muslim children are most prone to?
  • The role that your lifestyle and the environment you live in play in the state of your mental health.
  • Know when it’s best to seek help and reach out to experts who are trained and experienced in managing mental health challenges.


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